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Friday Favorites: National Email Week

Friday Favs Email Week

As National Email Week comes to an end, we here at KellyMitchell have been reflecting on the technology and best practices that come with using it. So this week’s Friday Favorites will pull together our favorite emails tips from some of our favorite resources! Pencil in an hour or two this week to try putting some of these tips to use!

Be careful not to make some of these classics mistakes when it comes to sending an email too quickly. It could cause much more than embarrassment for you and be detrimental for your company and clients.

We're just wondering where these templates were when we needed them! (BOOKMARKED!)

These tips will help you achieve that elusive Zero Inbox you've been working towards. And don't roll your eyes because they they come from some of the geniuses behind your favorite newsletters!

The short answer... YES! But if you want to know why be sure to check this article out!

#Adulting can be hard, these tips will definitely make it easier!

Well, this might've snuck in here but we do think there are some pretty great takeaways in this article!

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