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Friday Favorites: [Socially Distanced] Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Co-Workers


If you know anything about KellyMitchell, it’s that we love to celebrate just about any occasion with our coworkers. So while this year has been hard, we’ve found plenty of ways to have some fun with it. We’ve had virtual a Spirit Week, celebrated “Homecoming” from afar, and even remotely raised a bunch of money (while having plenty of fun) for United Way!

Although there won’t be any holiday parties for our offices this year, we’ve been seeing teams across the company find fun ways to celebrate the holiday season. Check out some of our favorite celebrations that are quick and easy for your team to replicate.

Virtual Ugly Sweater Happy Hour

Could you just have a virtual holiday happy hour? Sure. Would that be as much fun as a virtual ugly sweater happy hour? We guess that’s up for debate but as far as we are concerned, NO! Set up a call with your team or department and dress up the invite with some fun ugly sweater themed graphic to truly set the tone. Then grab your tinseled out sweater, ornament earrings, or at the very least a Santa hat and sign on.

To truly get in the holiday spirit encourage everyone to grab their favorite adult beverage before logging in. Whether it be Spiked Eggnog or Hot Chocolate with Bailey’s and take a moment to reflect and laugh with each other over what a crazy year this has been!

Send Holiday Cards

Whether you choose to go with the traditional snail mail holiday card, an emailed version, or maybe you just shoot some of your closet colleagues a seasonal sentiment, take a moment to let your coworkers know you’re thinking of them. This year especially it might’ve felt a little more challenging to connect with people, but who doesn’t love getting a note of any form to let them know you’re thinking of them this season?

There’s plenty of time to take advantage of some of the hilarious 2020 themed photos and who says you need a professional photo? How about just grabbing one of your quarantine selfies or throw your camera on a timer for a quick snap. If you decide to go the electronic route, we love Paperless Post for all your e-card needs.

Throw an Online Shindig

Usually, our holiday parties include trips to places like a retro bowling alley or Top Golf but the activities don’t have to stop just because we’re all home this year. Consider a virtual trivia night or bingo tournament for example.

There are quite a few incredible companies out there who will help manage the logistics and running so you and your team can just sit back and enjoy each other’s company while having some festive fun!

Pro Tip: Many hosts will offer you the opportunity to pick a custom category if you go with the trivia route and we highly suggest holiday movies as a great theme for this season.

Remote Gift Exchange

Since many aren’t in the office right now, you’re probably off the hook for gifting your whole team little somethings if you know what I mean. So why not instead kick off a company-wide (participation optional of course) gift exchange.

At KM we’ve been using Elfster from our, so it does all the work of matching people and collecting everyone’s information. Also, it has a wish list feature you can build out directly from the site or you can add items from other stores, this way the ‘Elves’ will know what to get each other!

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