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Friday Favorites: Ways to Elevate Your Workspace


Whether you work remotely or in an office, in the last year many have been investing in items to enhance their workspace in either location (or even that are portable!). So now that you likely have the basics, how can you take your workspace to the next level? Today we're sharing our favorite items to elevate your desk so you can achieve all those 2021 goals as smoothly as possible.

Okay, don't exit out of the article just yet, we're not thinking you will actually use this light to take "selfies" per se (no judgment if you do though). No, these lights are great for enhancing your appearance during video calls. While they come in various sizes and colors, these lights are usually circular in shape and are sometimes referred to as ring lights. While there are MANY options out there, we are loving this Heyday one from Target. Its low price, variety of colors, and small size make it great if you're traveling between work locations or even just rooms in your house. It's both chargeable or can be plugged into a USB for longer use.

So this one divided our team into two groups, those who love the clicking of their keyboard and those who don't. However, we can't deny what a great concept this is if you're sharing a workspace with your roommate or readjusting to office life. This keyboard and mouse combo is a very considerate tool wherever you might be working that day. While they admit the keyboard isn't "whisper quiet" it does significantly reduce typing noise. The mouse on the other hand is 98% quieter than your average mouse.  Plus the two devices share one nano receiver so no need to lose multiple USB ports.

Whether you've got a problem with eraser crumbs, pet hair from a cat who enjoys lounging on your desk, or remnants from that everything bagel you had this morning, keeping our desks and keyboards clean can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. This little guy which comes in three different charging methods is not only powerful for all those little desktop messes but is good looking too. Added plus is if you buy the $19.98 version when it's plugged in, it works as a wireless charger for your phone as well!

We've all been there, made the perfect cup of coffee, get called into a quick meeting, and by the time you come back to it, it's cold. While we've given the Ember mugs some love in the past, this is a more cost-effective option and works most of your existing coffee cups (though it does include a mug in the set). It's also great if you are worried about kids or pets burning themselves as it has a feature that auto turns off and on when depending on if there is a mug on it or not. Another great use for it is as a candle warmer. This allows you to enjoy your scent of choice without worrying about accidentally setting your papers on fire.

If getting in shape is a 2021 goal for you, this is a great option to passively work towards that while at work. This balance disc works with almost any chair and allows you to build core strength from just sitting. If in the past you've considered an exercise ball as a desk chair but decided against it because of price or size, this is a great alternative. The best part is it's super easy to transport from the office to home and vice versa!

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