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Friday Favorites: *Work Appropriate* Halloween Costumes for 2020


The air is crisp, the leaves have started to fall, and candy lines the aisles of your big box stores. And this can mean only one thing…Halloween is almost here! Fifteen days to be exact! To keep the spooky spirit alive, many companies are celebrating regardless of if they are WFH (hello virtual costume contest) or in person.

This is great since October 31st falls on a Saturday this year, so consider taking your costume for a test drive at work. If you drawing a blank on good Halloween costumes we’ve got some great ideas pulled directly from 2020 that you can likely pull together with items you already own and maybe a small Amazon prime order!

USPS Mail Carrier

Perhaps one of the most under-appreciated heroes of 2020’s stay at home orders, were the delivery men and women, specifically our friends at USPS. While online orders have spiked in this time, the mail carriers have continued to make sure we still get those Amazon Prime orders on time. And as the future of the USPS is in question, showing your support by dressing up as one would be not only a nice gesture but it’s also a fairly easy costume!

Grab some dark blue shorts or pants with a light blue button and print off a USPS logo for your shirt and you’re in business! Bonus points if you have a messenger bag or USPS box to carry as well!

The Tiger King Cast

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! Assemble your work BFFs and recreate Netflix’s quarantine hit cast from Tiger King! From Joe Exotic to Carole Baskin this might be one of our easiest suggestions, you can likely grab your loudest button-down or cut the sleeves off to get your Joe look going.

Pair with some jeans and a mullet wig and you are set. For Carole, you’ll finally get a chance to reuse that flower crown from your college roommate’s bachelorette, add a flowy watercolor shirt and you’re in business! Any additional coworkers can be one of the other characters or even tigers to complete your squad!

Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa in Black Panther

The entertainment industry and world lost both an incredible actor and activist when Chadwick Boseman passed earlier this year from colon cancer. While many of the characters he played were quite prolific in many ways, perhaps none more so than T’Challa from Black Panther. So pay homage to him this Halloween with your costume. T’Challa’s primary outfit is a black jumpsuit with silver accents.

Grab a black Under Armour type shirt and some black athleisure pants for the base of the costume. If you’re feeling bold, spandex pants work but maybe only for those who are WFH. The silver accents are easy to mimic using just silver duct tape and some scissors!

Dr. Fauchi

Dr. Fauchi who many will recognize as the face of the US’s response to Coronavirus is an easy costume if you have a friend or family member who works in the medical profession. Just wear your usual khakis, button-down, and tie with a white lab coat and your set!

Add a name tag identifying you as Dr. Fauchi and throw on some glasses to finish your outfit and your off to save the world! No glasses? No problem! Grab some non-prescription blue light blocking frames for a useful accessory you’ll be able to use past October 31st!

Schitt’s Creek Cast

With the fifth season of Schitt’s Creek just out after a landslide of wins during awards season, the Rose family is ripe with costumes options! Want to go the comfy athleisure route, David’s all-black sweatsuits have you covered. What about for the friend who wants to dress up but has business meetings that day? Eugene Levy’s Johnny Rose and his always overdressed suit collection will work perfectly!

Alexis is all about the sparkle and glam so always a chance for you to have so grab your New Year’s Eve outfit from last year and give it another whirl! Moira’s dramatic outfits might be the most challenging, but just remember, to be overdressed with lots of black and leather and crazy hair and you’re all set. Got a pretty extensive flannel collection, Stevie would be the perfect costume for you.

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