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How Parking Garages Make us Better People

Parking garages are a gift in cities with ample businesses and no place to park them. For some, getting a job at a company that has a parking garage is a godsend when the alternative is every man for himself at 7:55 am, and most people aren’t fully through their first cup of coffee.

We have to admit that sometimes we take for granted all the blessings a parking garage space provides. We thought we would take a long walk through the dark, but a generally friendly second home to our cars to explore just how parking garages make us better people.

You are Prepared for ANYTHING

You always mentally prepare yourself for combat when you hear footsteps behind you in a parking garage; which means you will probably never be caught off guard if you find yourself in a real-life movie murder scene…

You’re Adaptable to Change

Only when you have NO TIME TO WASTE, do you get to where your car should be only to remember you left for lunch and parked 5 floors up and on the other side of the parking garage? This is when you learn to hold the anger, pivot, and go to where your car actually is.

You are Very Punctual, Now

Because being late means you have to park on the top level, making you even later.

ALL THE STAIRS Means You are Bikini Ready-ish All Year Long

Your usual ground-level space is taken, meaning you have to take the stairs. Upside - you’ve got your workout in for the week…

Your Extreme Weather Fashion Game Has Never Been Stronger

In bad weather, your car is in the best possible location. You, however, still have to get to it in nothing but the best hat, umbrella, coat… whatever it takes.

You Learn to Make the Best Out of Every Situation

Driving around and around in search of a spot begins to feel like… hell? No, Rainbow Road…

We hope we have helped you realize how grateful you should be for a parking garage space near your office. And if you don’t have one, maybe you could use this as a petition for one at your current employer.

- - -

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