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How to Cure that Post-Holiday Office Slump

It’s official, “the season” is over. And all of a sudden those magical days off, festive gatherings, and holiday activities all come to a screeching halt. It’s a new quarter and new year but the same office which can make it easy to find yourself feeling a little stuck. So how do you kick off the New Year right and overcome that Holiday Hangover? Here are our tips!

Get Organized

Nothing worse than bringing last year’s baggage into the New Year. Open all those drawers, and toss the papers you don’t need. Those Tupperware containers from all your lunches last year, take them or toss ‘em! Get all those scribbled-on post-its organized and transcribed onto more reliable paper. Trust us, this process will have such a cleansing effect, you’ll feel immediately more ready to take on 2017.

Get Your Calendar Planned

We all have one portion of our lives that we seem to always drop the ball on. Whether it’s your home life, work engagements, or your adult dodgeball league, help yourself by taking the proactive approach of getting your calendar organized early this year. In this case, procrastinating may have paid off because very often, many planners and agendas go on sale after the 1st of the year so whether you’re going to an old-fashioned paper agenda or you’re getting your Google Calendar squared away, do that now before stalling gets the better of you again!


It’s likely that after all the action of the holidays plus the post-holiday gift return/exchange frenzy AND having to take down decorations, you haven’t had a chance to relax. Keep plans light this week. Give your body a chance to recover and only do things that will help you achieve that! For some that might look like vegging out on the couch, while others will want to go on a cleaning spree. Whatever you need to do to relax, do it!

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