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How to Do After Hours Office Bonding Like KM

Spending time with your coworkers doesn’t have to end when the workday is through. At KellyMitchell, there are always opportunities to get together beyond office ours, which is helpful for city transplants or anyone looking for a happy hour buddy in a pinch. We decided to share a few post-workday get-together ideas you can use the next time you are looking for a way bond outside of the office. Take a look and see if you can think of anything we missed!

Intramural Leagues


At KellyMitchell, we enjoy expressing our competitive spirits outside the office. Whether it’s a field day with other local offices, a bowling outing, or an afternoon at the driving range, we have a great time even with varying skill levels. There are great leagues in any city if your office is looking to do some after-hours bonding, so become your team’s captain and find one near you!

Young Professional Events


With options like a local charity’s young professionals trivia night or your chamber of commerce’s happy hour, there are a lot of great options to get out there with your office. Sure it will give you a chance to network with neighboring companies, but it also provides for some great inner-office bonding.

Volunteering Opportunities


Supporting your favorite charity can be so much more fun with the help of your coworkers. Many offices (like KM) offer volunteer time, or paid time off to go support a local cause. Whether it’s working at an animal shelter or planting a community garden, finding a cause you share with a coworker or two can give you a chance to bond over a new topic and a friend to help you.

Hobby Classes

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Take a night out with coworkers to channel your creative side with a craft night. A personal favorite at our office would be the wine and paint nights but we’ve seen plenty of other options like terrarium making, needlepointing, and pottery classes that offer great one-off learning sessions for you and your coworkers.

Sports Games

cubs games

Sports games, like karaoke, are a KellyMitchell favorite. Whether you splurge for a box or get a row of cheap seats, almost any sports event is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Who doesn’t love a night out at the rink or a day at the ballpark?

Board Game Tournaments

Whatever your game might be, Monopoly to Scrabble, we’ve found that everyone loves the novelty of a good board game night. Of course you can host in the office conference room or your home, but for special occasions, check out local board game bars like Pieces in St. Louis’ historic Soulard.

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