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How to Get Ready to Return to the Office


For many, the time has come to return to the office in some capacity. While we are personally excited to see our coworkers, we want to prepare ourselves to make the transition as smooth as possible. To help, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite tips we wanted to share with you to help make the transition as easy as possible.

Adjust Your Alarm

Since your commute was likely shortened while WFH, many of us pushed back our alarms as a result. If you have gotten in the habit of soaking up that extra bit of sleep in the mornings, take the time before going back to start waking up earlier again. This will prepare your body for when you return to work, so you do not have to added stress of accidentally oversleeping or being unnecessarily exhausted.

Start by slowly pushing your alarm up by 15 minutes every few days until you get back to your alarm time before you were WFH. Preparing for the extra time you will need in the morning will have you feeling bright and fresh-faced on your first day back to the office.

Step Up Your Mask Game

Your new return to work guidelines will likely require you to wear a mask for some portion of time throughout the day. Make sure you are prepared for these new guidelines by purchasing a comfortable mask that you can wear for an extended period. It is a good idea to place “backup masks” in places you might frequently need them such as in your car or your purse.

Using a mask lanyard that attaches to your neck that allows your mask to hang from your body when not in use is a convenient solution to mask displacement issues. Remember that masks are used to keep you and your colleges safe but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun with the patterns or styles you wear. Let your mask show off your personality!

Understand the Guidelines

While your return to work will look different from when you left, these new guidelines will keep you and your coworkers safe. One thing you can do to prepare yourself for this new normal is to review your company’s new guidelines ahead of time. It is a good idea to print out the guidelines or take notes to refer back to if you face any uncertainty when you return to the office.

Most likely your employers have spent countless hours creating these guidelines and pondering every circumstance that might arise. Utilize them to not only guide you but to bring you comfort in knowing your employers have taken the time to enact guidelines to ensure your safety. And remember if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask your boss or HR department, as they are here to help with this new normal.

Keep a Tight (Work) Ship

When you return to the office you may need to take extra precautions to keep the workspace clean for you and your coworkers. One initiative you can take to promote thorough cleanliness is to rid your desk of any objects that are not absolutely necessary. This will include picture frames, tchotchkes, and other decorative knickknacks. Make a collage of pictures to set as your desktop background as an alternative to concrete decorations.

Clearing your workspace of unnecessary items will allow yourself and the cleaning team that comes in after you to sanitize your surroundings more effectively.

It is normal to experience a healthy level of uncertainty while returning to work. Do not be afraid to speak up to your employer about any concerns that arise. Allow yourself to prepare for your return to work with these few tips and keep in mind the end goal is always to keep you, and your coworkers safe.

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