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How to Keep the Job Hunt Hot


When the temperature starts to turn and winter is upon us, it feels like everything hits pause. And that’s a natural response since there’s plenty of us who would like to just go into hibernation when the temps are below freezing. But when you’re job hunting you know there’s no hitting pause. So how do you keep your job hunt hot when it’s cold outside? Here are some of our favorite tips.

Use Your Time Off

This time of year comes is full of holidays so take advantage of the time between turkey and football to hit the job boards and explore. Start reaching out and applying to jobs that interest you. It’s a great use of couch time and if you’re the multitasking type, you can probably do it while sipping hot cocoa and watching the parade!

Say Yes to Holiday Parties

Holiday Parties are a great chance to network. Whether it’s your friend’s company party, a local hobby meet up group or a professional association’s holiday soiree, you’ll have plenty of chances that give you a good excuse to brave the elements! Thanksgiving Eve is quickly becoming a popular night to go out as well. Take the opportunity to mingle with friends in town visiting from family as another chance to network!

Be Patient

While the early winter months might slow down hiring some with the end of year budgets closing and many managers out for the holidays, the new year always brings new opportunities as new projects or hiring opens up again. So keep networking, reaching out and sending those holiday cards so you’ll be top of mind when those positions are available!

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If the temps aren’t cooling down your job hunt, reach out to our TA team here to learn about more of our open positions!

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