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How to Nail Your Next UX Design Interview


Coming in at number 3 on Tech Crunch’s Top 10 Hottest IT Jobs for 2017, UX Designers are experiencing quite the heyday. “In CompTIA’s research, enterprises reported an increased focus on using innovation to improve the customer experience. This will likely lead to the emergence of UX and UI developers with more specialized skills in this area, including mobility skills,” (via). This tells us two things; One: We will be hiring/placing a lot of UX Designers this year and Two: We will be looking for UX skills in innovation and mobility. So if you are a UX Designer looking to land a new role in 2017, here’s how you come out on top.

Show your process

Of course you are going to walk into an interview with a portfolio of wire-frames and designs you have worked on, but make sure you bring with you some examples of your process. Showing the interviewer your ability to work with multiple members of the organization and your development skills are based in an organized, agile methodology will add to your value exponentially.

Highlight innovation

If you have had the opportunity to design for mobile applications or create for emerging technologies, make sure you showcase this on your resume and in your interview. This may be the single differentiation in what the hiring manager sees as a sea of similar-looking wire-frames and experience levels.

Talk about how you added value

This is where you get to show them your work ethic and intuitive nature. It's one thing to be able to perform tasks, but especially in UX, you need to be able to see beyond the client's needs and develop added value based on your own knowledge and experience. This is what you bring to the table aside from what you learned in school. An easy way to figure this out is to write down each of your largest, most successful projects and then answer the question: Aside from project completion, how did you help it shine?

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If you find yourself int he market for the next UX Designer role in your city, check out our open positions and drop us a line.

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