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How to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch


Whether you’re meeting someone at a networking event or starting a conversation at a job interview, it’s important to have a good elevator pitch up your sleeve. What is an elevator pitch? You might ask. An elevator pitch is a short summary of your background and experience, i.e., something you could present in a short elevator ride. It’s a great way to introduce yourself and build connections. Here are our tips for perfecting your elevator pitch.

Make it Brief

Your elevator speech should be no more than 30-60 seconds. Make it a short recap of who you are and what you do. Do not include your whole work history and career goals.

Tell a Story

Even though it’s a short speech, your elevator pitch should tell a compelling story. Try to spark the listener’s interest in your experience, goals, and ideas.

Be Positive and Persuasive

Focus on what you love about your job or highlights from past roles. Give the impression that you’re open-minded and flexible.

Know Your Audience

Avoid using jargon, even if you’re pitching to someone with a lot of industry experience. It’s best to keep your speech simple and focused.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice is key to delivering a good elevator pitch. Rehearse the speech to friends, family, or even the mirror until it becomes natural. The more you practice, the easier it will be to deliver the pitch in person.

Extra Tip: Have a Business Card Ready

Always have a business card or two in your back pocket. You never know who might ask for one, and it’s always good to be prepared!

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