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How to Snag a Job as an Information Security Analyst

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Coming in at number two on Business Insider’s list of 6 tech jobs that will grow like crazy in 2017 and beyond with a projected ten-year growth of 18 percent, Information Security Analyst is proving year-after-year to be a solid career choice. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 84,000 Information Security Analyst filled or open positions in 2014 and another 14,000 expected to be added by 2024.

We have seen a number of ISA positions come through our pipeline and find generally around five years experience and a bachelor’s degree in computer science is the sweet spot for landing one of these roles. Let’s take a look at a few more things that you’ll need to include on your resume to get yourself considered for a role as an Information Security Analyst.

Proactive and collaborative

An Information Security Analyst needs to be able to interact with IT/security team members and business stakeholders in in order to gain understanding of security issues and discuss solutions. Explaining your ability to proactively solve problems based on information gathered from your surroundings will fair well when going for an Information Security Analyst position.

Security Experience

It is essential when applying for any type of security role, to highlight your experience protecting a company’s infrastructure in some way. Even if you have no direct security experience, you must have come across security measures in a previous IT role. Event the lowest level systems admins have likely dealt with managing the protection of information either by troubleshooting vulnerable networks or securing network connections. Direct experience creating firewalls, encryption, etc. is great and should get top billing on your resume.

Essential Skillsets

If you don’t have working knowledge of UNIX/Linux systems administration, Unix Enterprise Directory, and Privileged access management tools, McAfee ePO, RSA Envision SIEM, control frameworks such as HIPAA-HITECH, SSAE 16, PCI, HITRUST, ISO 27001, and/or security concepts like PKI, SSL, and encryption, you might want to brush up on these before your interview as you may be asked for your experience level in one or some of them. Take a few of the key skills listed on the job description and make sure you are at least familiar with how they relate to the position and are confident in your ability to perform the tasks associated with them.

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If you feel you have what it takes to snag a role as an Information Security Analysts, check out our open positions and drop us a line here.

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