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How to Use Social Media to Find Jobs


Social media isn’t just for stalking your high school ex or keeping up with old roommates from college; the platforms can also be extremely helpful in finding a job. The latest research shows that 92% of companies are using social media for hiring, and three out of four hiring managers will search for a candidate’s social profiles. Whether you’re a recent college grad or a seasoned job hunter looking for a new position, social media is a great way to land your dream job. Here are some of our favorite tips for using the platforms to find new positions.

Use Social Media to Research

Social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn are great tools for researching open jobs. Create or update your accounts and start following companies or people you’d like to work for. Many companies tweet open positions with a link to an online application form. Similarly, companies or organizations post open positions on LinkedIn with links to applications. Some companies [like us!] on LinkedIn even allow you to apply using your LinkedIn profile, so you don’t need to spend extra time filling out an external form. You can also search jobs by keywords and your preferred location and set up alerts, so you get a digest of potential jobs delivered to your email every day.

Take a Good Look in the (Social) Mirror

In the same way that you give a quick glance to your appearance before walking out the door to an interview, you should review your social media profiles before moving forward with your job search. Start by Googling yourself in incognito mode to see what comes up. From there, tweak your privacy settings or remove any questionable material. Make sure you keep some of your information public such as employment history and location so hiring managers or recruiters can see it. Finally, keep in mind that people will always be able to see your profile photo no matter how stringent your privacy settings, so make sure it’s something you’re comfortable with.

Shoot for Quality Over Quantity

If you’re new to social media, don’t add several accounts to boost your chances of getting hired. Focus on regularly maintaining a few accounts with LinkedIn as the primary one. Make sure your contact information is accurate and that the information on your LinkedIn profile matches your resume. Let recruiters know that you’re open to new opportunities by selecting that setting on LinkedIn. If you have outdated social media profiles like a Facebook account you haven’t used in years, it might be time to pitch that one altogether.

Don’t Be Afraid to Slide into DMs

Networking on social media can pay off in spades. Identify someone you’d like to network with and send them a personalized note on LinkedIn that provides context for why you’re reaching out. This is more likely to get you a response. Once you’ve heard back from them, schedule a quick phone call or coffee meeting to learn more about them and their work.

LinkedIn is also a great place to message someone you’ve interviewed with to say thank you. Find the person and send them a note thanking them for their time and feedback.

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