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A Digital Dive into the Importance of DevOps

In a world where software glitches can turn a peaceful day into a tech support storm, companies are beginning to realize that hiring a DevOps team is more than just a luxury — it's the difference between smooth operations and a digital rollercoaster ride. Picture this: you're sipping your morning coffee, feeling on top of the world, and suddenly, your favorite app crashes like an unwelcome guest. Chaos unfolds when companies underestimate the power of DevOps experience. So, grab your virtual popcorn, and let's explore four reasons why companies need a dose of DevOps brilliance to keep their digital ships afloat! DevOps incorporates workflow automation to improve collaboration and communication - Here’s why teams have someone (or should) with DevOps experience to help manage these processes.

Increased Collaboration

DevOps supports cross-functional collaboration. Visibility between teams breaks down barriers. It ensures everyone has access to the information they need. This way the digital ships move in the right direction with optimal speed and progress. There is a better understanding of different teams' requirements and challenges. Teams can resolve challenges faster with stronger communication and support they need to work together. A large factor here is having the right talent on the team! If you’re looking to add DevOps to your team, we can help you with that!

Introducing New Talent

GitLab shares that “In adopting a DevOps development process, you are making a decision to improve the flow and value delivery of your application by encouraging a more collaborative environment at all stages of the development cycle.” This requires strategic or critical thinking to help individuals analyze and form new ideas. These are soft skills. The type that you can practice, but something that can’t be taught the same way as learning a new coding language.

IT is looking for other related soft skills, which means a new type of talent is entering IT. The Manpower Group Employment Outlook Survey for Q3 of 2023 shares that 74% of U.S. organizations are looking to find the right IT talent! The top 5 soft skills IT employers are seeking include:

  • Critical Thinking & Analysis

  • Creativity & Originality

  • Reasoning & Problem Solving

  • Reliability & Self Discipline

  • Initiative Taking

The growing popularity of soft skills opens the door for new candidates — or crew members — to strategically guide your digital ship in the right direction with the right tools.

Discovering New Tools

In addition to new talent, DevOps uses new tools. shared the top 2023 tools DevOps uses here. The list includes popular tools like Jenkins, Ansible, GitLab, Docker, among others. When teams collaborate on tools that automate processes, the results really shine! Automated configuration management and development tools help engineers use new resources faster and more efficiently.

Faster Time to Market

DevOps streamlines the software development lifecycle to be able to release software faster. It’s a leg up in a race to the finish line to launch the best solution first, ensuring customer satisfaction. We reviewed a poll by Dynatrace which surveyed 1,300 CIOs and senior DevOps managers. The results showed that “55% of organizations are often sacrificing code quality, reliability, or security to meet the demand for rapid software development.” DevOps helps with keeping ships afloat and sailing in the right direction!

A DevOps mindset prioritizes continuous improvement in processes, tools, training, and end product. This transitions teams away from “keeping up” towards “getting ahead of the game.” The focus shifts towards the bigger picture of what customers want: better products and solutions, faster. Continuous improvement at each step of the way leads to happier customers and happier teams!

- - -

Are you interested in adding a DevOps skillset to your team? We provide scalable solutions to help you move in the right direction! Contact us today to get started!


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