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Interviews – All about You

How many articles on interview preparation have you read? How about example question lists? There is so much information on the interview process, just thinking about an interview causes anxiety, sweating and a severe case of “I don’t remember my lunch, let alone how I provided value-add in my previous role”.

In my career, I have been interviewed many times, conducted interviews and coached many friends and colleagues on interview practices. I am one of those sick people that actually enjoy interviews – why? Because I love to talk about myself, my goals and aspirations, my experience and how that is going to translate into a win situation for my future employer.

Enthusiasm about YOU is what will sell you during the interview. Do you have technical skills? Talk about them! Did you avert a potential outage/budget crisis/vendor mishap in your previous role? Provide details!

An interview is really all about you – How will you match up with the culture and goals of the company you aspire to work for? You can practice all the questions there are, but until you are comfortable talking about YOU – you will not be able to convince a future employer that you are right for the job.

One of the best ways to get ready is to speak about your skills. We look forward to hearing all about you; what are your goals, what is your dream job, and of course, how we can help YOU!

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