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Job Hunting Tips for the Class of 2015


Congratulations! Now you get to answer the age old question: “What are your post grad plans?”

Like many graduating seniors, you may not have an answer to that question yet, and that’s okay. Most graduates find a job within a year after they graduate, not before. Of course, you’d like your search to take as little time as possible, so here are a few tips on getting the ball rolling.

An Application a Day Keeps Unemployment Away

If you’re truly seeking employment, then your goal should be to apply to at least one position a day (excluding weekends). Whether you’re working part-time somewhere to make ends meet or you’re enjoying the last few weeks of sponging off your parents before they start making you pay rent, this is a very attainable goal.

If you’re taking on the job hunt full time, you should probably increase this number. You’ll have a lot of time on your hands.

No matter what you do, do not leave the job hunt to the weekends. The last thing you will want to do on a Saturday night is apply for a job, while your friends are enjoying a great time out. Yes, it will be more difficult for those of you who are working, but it really should only take 30 minutes out of your evening.

And don’t apply and forget. Keep a schedule, physical or digital, of what jobs you applied for and when. Make a reminder to follow-up with the company you applied to the week after. Most of the time, especially for college grads, it will take an extra nudge to get your resume reviewed by a hiring manager.

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Discover Your Connections on LinkedIn (And Don’t Be Afraid to Use Them)

It’s time to discover the true potential of your LinkedIn connections. Before you apply to a company, search it on LinkedIn. The company’s employees are shown on the landing page and LinkedIn shows you how you’re connected. Obviously 1st connections are the best, but even 2nd connections can go a long way. You may know someone who is really great friends with the person at this company. All it takes is a simple request from a friend and the next thing you know, their connection is referring you to the hiring manager. 3rd and Group connections aren’t as helpful, but if you can see the path of the message, go for it. That’s what LinkedIn was made for.

Fine Tune Your Resume and Cover Letter

There’s a fine line between over-thinking it and not thinking enough about it. That has never been truer than with resumes and cover letters.

Things to keep in mind during the editing process:

  • Length: Resumes need to stay on one page (especially for college grads). Cover letters should not exceed one page, but they may be shorter. Shoot for three quarters of a page.

  • More must-know resume tips!

  • And, a good answer to that age-old question: I’m currently on the job hunt. I’m hoping to have my ideal job within the year.

Good luck!

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