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KM Career Spotlight: Anne Torti


KM Career Spotlight: Anne Torti, CPA, Assistant Controller

We recently sat down with Anne Torti, our Assistant Controller (and resident Taylor Swift fan-girl, devoted Book Club Editor, and Happy Hour enthusiast) who is based in our Corporate Headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. In addition to providing local leadership to what she fondly refers to as ‘the A-Team,’ Anne supports KellyMitchell by delivering financial statements for the company on a regular basis, managing internal controls and ultimately helping keep the company moving in the right direction (financially-speaking, that is!).

As KellyMitchell has grown over the years, Anne has been an integral part of the strategic growth of our F&A approach. Of her role, she says: “As we have grown, we have had the privilege to bring on new roles and create small teams; I love strategizing new processes and challenging our team to stay above the status quo.”

What led you to KM?

I went to St. Louis University for undergrad, and during my junior year, someone sitting next to me in class got an email about an Accounting Intern position at KellyMitchell. I applied, went to interview, and they said, “Can you start Monday?” I balanced class with working at KM until I finished my Master’s in Accounting at SLU.

I loved what I was learning and contributing to the organization during the internship, but my boss and mentor encouraged me to pursue my CPA goal and dream of working in Public Accounting. So I did. And after 3 years of gaining valuable experience in the Public Accounting realm, I rejoined KellyMitchell as a Staff Accountant — and haven’t looked back since!

How has your career progressed since you joined KM?

Since I joined KellyMitchell full-time, I’ve had several different roles and currently hold the title of Assistant Controller. It has been awesome for me to make my way up the ladder in a company that I joined as an intern. I’ve gained so much experience and valuable insight over the years.

One of my most rewarding opportunities has been managing the Accounts Receivable team. It has helped me grow as a leader, and I’m proud of my team’s progress and the company’s evolution. At KellyMitchell, we always have new opportunities, roles, and departments, and I love thinking through new processes to help facilitate and support these exciting changes.

What do you most enjoy about working at KM?

I love working with people who have the same passion, motivation, and goals. What makes a company is culture, and the bonds you form with colleagues are a huge part of that. Rebecca (Boyer, KellyMitchell Board Member and former CFO) and Delena (Verhey, CPA, Controller at KellyMitchell) have mentored me since I was in college — It’s amazing to learn from and work alongside them through all of these years.

What career advice do you have for people, particularly in accounting and finance?

Always put in the time and effort! Everything might not happen in the timeline you envision but it always happens the way it is supposed to.

Also, seek out personal mentors! I’ve been lucky to have so many people who have positively impacted my career. My bosses and colleagues continually offer advice that helps me grow in my personal and professional life — and for that, I’m so thankful!

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Are you a talented, motivated professional looking to meet career challenges head-on? We're always looking to add more rockstars like Anne to KM — Join our team!

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