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Leave Your Next Interview Feeling Spook-tacular!


An interview is a good time to bewitch a hiring manager, or you could scare them off unintentionally. In honor of the spookiest night of the year, we’ve rounded up some tips to help you leave your next interview feeling spook-tacular:

Focus on Your Ghouls…We Mean, “Goals”

The night before an interview, take some time to sit down and get your thoughts together. Make sure you’ve thoroughly researched the company and, if possible, the backgrounds of the people you’ll be talking to. Develop talking points and consider your goals. You will most likely get a question (or two or three) about your motivations for seeking a new job or changing your career.

Don’t Demonize Your Old Employer

Employers will likely ask why you decided to leave a previous position, but this is not an invitation to bash your old employer. Keep things tactful and avoid rehashing negative moments from your previous job. Instead, focus on your goals and how this new position would help you meet them.

Make Sure Your Outfit is Professional, Not Eerie

The adage “dress to impress” rings true at an interview. Err on the side of too dressy than too casual. Generally, this means a matching suit jacket, pants, and dress shirt for men, and a conservative blouse and dress pants or a statement dress for women. Make sure your outfit is clean and ironed. Do a dress rehearsal the night before an interview and make sure you’re comfortable sitting, walking, and standing in it. This includes shoes, which should also be conservative and professional.

Don’t Lunge for the Candy Bowl, aka the Perks

It’s important to find out about compensation and benefits once you get a job offer but avoid this topic during first and second interviews. Early conversations with a company should be focused on learning more about them and seeing whether the position is a good fit on both sides. Focus on highlighting your strengths and asking questions to see if you’d like to work there, even without the perks.

Leave the Tricks at Home

Sometimes it’s tempting to exaggerate during an interview, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed or insecure. However, this tactic will only backfire later. Be honest about your experience and skills. Potential employers will appreciate your candidness. It shows you’re a treat to be around.

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