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Marshall the Miracle Dog

As a supporter of the Human Society and of course dog-lover herself, KellyMitchell employee Cyndi Willenbrock stumbled upon the story of Marshall the Miracle Dog this past January. Marshall was a dog who was neglected and abused; at the point of his rescue, he was in such bad shape that there was little hope for recovery.

Luckily, the doctors and fellow Humane Society volunteers were miracle workers and although he has one leg less than he started out with, Marshall is now happier and healthier than ever.

When Cyndi heard Marshall’s story, she couldn’t help but welcome him into her home. Last night, Cyndi and Marshall were featured as part of the Humane Society’s Second Chances Telethon.

The video below is the entire broadcast, skip to the time 41:29 to see Cyndi and Marshall featured!


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