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May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

No one wants to be the first to die.

It seems impossible to escape the Hunger Games hype after the premiere of the first movie. Believe it or not, the story behind this phenomenon parallels the story line in the world of recruiting…

In the Hunger Games, 24 children are chosen from a lottery to fight to the death in a televised battle. How does this have anything to do with interviewing for a new job? While job hunting may not involve physically attempting to kill your competitors (or at least one can hope not…) the stiff competition and relentless effort to win can feel an awful lot like the Hunger Games.

When you are competing against hundreds of applicants, getting the first interview can feel like being pulled out of a lottery. But the real games begin once you are chosen. It is time to step into the ring of qualified candidates and start battling for the ultimate prize, a job.

Once the candidates are set loose in the ring (or the interview process), all bets are off. Each person is jockeying to position him or herself ahead of the others.

In Hunger Games, the main character Katniss uses her archery skills to get ahead but in an interview you will have to use your past experience, sense of humor, or strong technical knowledge to take down the competition. Focus on your own strengths instead of letting the competition psyche you out. On top of it all, remember that you are on display for everyone to see. At the beginning of the Hunger Games Katniss makes a dramatic television entrance and “wows” the crowd. Make sure to leave a good impression with your interviewer and the other workers in the office. It could determine your survival within the company.

Job hunting can be tough and sometimes it might feel like you have 23 people trying to kill you. But don’t worry, companies want you to succeed and bring your talents to their team. Highlight your skills and strengths and stay tough through the interview process. Happy job-seeker games!

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