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Memorable Memorial Day

With Memorial Day coming up this weekend, it’s a day set aside to remember the fallen men and women who have served in the United States Armed forces. As a day to memorialize the people and loved ones that are no longer with us, it’s also appropriate to remember great accomplishments in our own lives. So on this holiday of “remembering”, we wanted to remember and pay tribute to some of the great career and life advice we’ve received along the way. Here is a sampling of our favorites:

Remember a Work/Life Balance

It’s really easy to get caught up in succeeding in your career and putting everything else on the back burner. But don’t get sucked in! Having a balance between work/life makes you a more focused/harder worker and hopefully a more pleasant employee to be around in the end.

Be the Problem Solver

When you can solve (or at least try!) your own problems at work it makes things easier on you in the long-run. Solve the problems that you can on your own and when something comes up that you do need help with, your boss and coworkers will be more willing to help since you don’t run to them for everything.

Attitude Is Everything

No one wants to come to work every day into a miserable work environment. A positive attitude and outlook goes a long way and you will find that people will catch the contagious “spirit” as well. Positive environments make for the best working space and the most productive because people enjoy being at work.

Treat Others As You Want to be Treated

This may seem too obvious to state, but this golden rule of life also applies in the workplace! No matter how busy or stressed or overworked we feel, it’s imperative to stop and think about how our actions will affect and be received by others. Or put another way: Think Before You Act.

Dress For the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have

One of our recent posts addressed dressing appropriately for the interview, though this is great advice, dressing to impress shouldn’t stop there. Dress codes are very different in different organizations, but remember to err on the more conservative side. If you dress too casual or sloppy (even if it is technically “ok”) that is how people may perceive you. So if you hope to eventually move up and on, step up your fashion game and dress to succeed!

Whether it came from a family member, loved-one, co-worker, boss or mentor, we’ve all received advice from someone important in our lives. In this weekend of remembering, what’s the greatest or most memorable advice you ever received?

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