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Never Show Up To a Meeting Without...


No matter how long you’ve been in the workplace – a meeting invite can still cause even the most tenured employee to wonder what they need to do/bring to be properly prepared. And while we aren’t fortune tellers, there definitely is a list of things everyone has access to that will help you avoid getting flustered in just about any meeting! So let’s break down the essentials you’ll need for upcoming meetings so you can make the most of the face time you get with your colleagues.

Pen & Paper

Even if your workplace is a tech junkie’s paradise, a pen and paper can be helpful in ways you might not expect. Having a hard time explaining your train of thought to your colleagues? Draw a flowchart. Want to remember to ask a question? Jot it down. Left your laptop charger at your desk and your computer is dying? No worries. A pen and paper will always be a helpful tool to take to a meeting.

An Open Mind

You’d be surprised just how many people walk into meetings with their minds made up. If you go into a meeting with an open mind, ready to hear all opinions, reserving judgment until a decision has to be made. Your meetings and decisions will be much more successful.


Always have a calendar on you when you walk into meetings. This will help prevent over-committing yourself when your boss asks if you can have the project done by a certain date. It will help you plan “next steps” if you’re working with a team on a project. Keeping your calendar with you and visible will also help keep you on track if you’re balancing a busy schedule and running from meeting to meeting during the workday.

A Plan

Walk into the meeting knowing what you need to get out of it, but also what you want the plan to be moving forward. Have a goal as far as “next steps” so the entire team is on the same page. These next steps can be as simple as setting up the next meeting. It could also be as complex as enumerating exactly what is expected of each team member walking out. The most important thing is that everyone leaves knowing what was accomplished and what needs to be accomplished.

- - -

If you’re looking for a workplace that will appreciate your preparedness, reach out to us! We’re hiring ambitious, go-getters all around the country!

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