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Our Favorite Post Interview Questions


If this season you're springing into action looking for a new job then this is the post for you! We've all gotten to the end of the interview and been asked: "So do you have any questions for me?". And it can be surprisingly hard to think of anything after phone screens and multiple in-person interviews. So we rounded up our favorites that are likely to not come out during the interview so you could have a go-to list!

  1. What's the first project that you need my help with?

  2. What experiences are you looking for in an ideal candidate?

  3. What changes do you expect the role to see in the first year?

  4. What personality traits will contribute to a person being successful in this position?

  5. What skillsets is this team currently missing?

  6. What is the greatest challenge that the new hire will face?

  7. What impact would you like me to have on the team?

  8. Can you describe what the training process will look like?

  9. How would you describe the opportunities or paths for advancement?

  10. Are there any opportunities for professional development that will be available to me?

  11. Where did the last person who held this job move on to?

  12. If I got the role, what would you like to see me accomplish in 30, 60, and 90 days?

  13. What key performance indicators you expect to see from this role in the first year?

  14.  Can you describe the review process and how often I can expect to get formal feedback?

  15. Where do you foresee the company going in the next 3 years?

  16. What do you see as being the greatest opportunity for growth for the organization?

  17. What is the greatest thing the company is actively working on in terms of internal culture?

  18. What has kept you with the organization as long as you've been here?

  19. How has the company changed since started working here?

  20. How much growth do you anticipate for this department in the few months?

  21. How is this company different from where you worked before?

  22. What departments can I expect working closely with?

  23. Can you tell me about the last department event you had?

  24. Is there anything about my background that concerns you in terms of me being a fit for the role?

  25. Is there any one question you really want to ask me but haven't?

- - -

If you're ready to kickstart your job hunt and get interviewing, check out our open positions, we're hiring all across the country!

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