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How KellyMitchell Partners with United Way

Are you ready to dive into a world of positivity? KM is a part of a mission to make an impact by being actively involved in establishing meaningful connections within local communities, from educational impactful organizations and food banks to partnerships like Women in Technology and diverse professional meetups. Our commitment to giving back to the communities we work in grows from the same philosophy that drives us to exceed expectations for both our clients and candidates. We believe everyone can make the world better — by helping job candidates reach their full potential and by serving the communities we are so proud to be a part of. We choose to partner with United Way because our missions align. We look forward each year to the month of October when we get to see our team members' philanthropic, competitive, and generous spirits! Here are some ways we unite together as a team to help others.

Team Bonding Activities

There are numerous ways anyone can get involved with United Way and help those in need. You can learn more here, but we want to share with you how KM partners with United Way. Each year, KellyMitchell dedicates time to company-wide fundraising team activities! Our CEO kicks off the week with “Coffee for a Cause!” We get to grab a coffee on KM and learn more about our mission on how we can make an impact throughout the month of October. Our favorite stop is Starbucks because they are also a proud partner of United Way. This is when we hear about the different upcoming events and ways to get involved.

We get together for a lot of fun team bonding activities in the office as well to share our personal stories about how KM’s efforts with United Way have impacted us personally. Since our partnership with United Way is most heavily recognized in October, a lot of the activities are fall-themed — the best kind! From cider and caramel apple tastings to chili cook-offs, the favorite is dip day! We buy tickets to vote for the best dip, and the proceeds go to United Way. The winner of dip day receives bragging rights for the year, and we are able to swap recipes of great dips we’ve tasted! Those recipes come in handy when you want to impress friends and families at holiday parties with a crowd-pleasing dip to share!

Volunteering Activities

KM’s teams are always ready to jump up and volunteer to spread the love! Our teams volunteer at United Way organizations across the nation, and it’s one of our favorite activities! We make an impact in our community, but we feel the impact personally as well. Sydney, a KellyMitchell Senior Business Services Specialist located in St. Louis, MO shared her testimony about what working with United Way has meant to her:

Volunteering with United Way alongside my coworkers has opened my eyes in so many ways. I love to see the impact we can make, and my heart is happy getting the chance to see our community thriving. I love getting the opportunity to make aa difference and be a part of something larger than myself. From petting the service dogs down at Duo Dogs to doing mock interviews with individuals at Cara Collective has given me a newfound appreciation for KM, United Way, and the members of our community.

We volunteer at all different types of organizations. Our Chicago team loves to volunteer at the Cara Collective. The organization works towards opening opportunities. They connect with job seekers and employers to break the cycle of unemployment and help establish financial stability with individuals who require assistance. This can be as little as providing individuals with professional outfits for interviews to teaching individuals new skills and even providing the ability to network! Gretchen Olwig, KellyMitchell's Senior Director of Talent Engagement, shared her experience volunteering at Cara Collective:

Volunteering at Cara Collective is something we look forward to as a group! For me, the best part is having 1 on 1 conversations with multiple participants and really getting to know them. It’s so rewarding to be a small part of their Cara Collective journey and give them tips & tricks to succeed during an interview! When we volunteered on Tuesday, I did a mock interview with a man named Derick. Derick did amazing and asked me great questions at the end of our mock interview. He then told me he got some of those questions from my co-workers Tom and Niki. I thought that was so cool that he had already implemented feedback from my fellow teammates. Cara is doing great things in the Chicago community, and we’re grateful to be able to volunteer there!

The KM Seattle team volunteers often with the Backpack Brigade. The Backpack Brigade provides bags of food to kids in need to take home over the weekend to ensure they are fed. This gesture means kids can come to school focused and ready to learn when Monday rolls around, which is huge! Access to food provides them with the opportunity to learn.

United Way also collaborates with local agencies to ensure individuals have access to essential healthcare services. Our Chicago team has also volunteered at BUILD. The organization helps at-risk youth build healthy futures both through physical and mental health with education and enrichment programs. KM has also connected with Must Mobile Pantry in Atlanta, GA to help set up the mobile pantry, assist with food needs, and disassemble the pantry afterward. There are so many ways volunteers can give back in small ways that make a huge difference!

This October, we have volunteer days scheduled throughout the month in our national hub-based communities, and we are incredibly excited to have team-building experiences while making an impact and making memories. We share laughter and feel empathy together. You can follow our stories on Instagram to see where we volunteer this month! The entire KM team also joins a call nationwide on Wednesdays for a scheduled “Wednesday Wisdom” feature where different non-profit United Way partners educate us on how they give back to the community and how we can get involved. This year we’re going to hear more from organizations like Down Syndrome Association and Lifelong. We are so excited to learn more!

Join the Movement, Be the Change

United Way's impact varies depending on the region and the specific initiatives undertaken in each community. The organization's work is driven by local needs and tailored to address unique challenges different communities face. KellyMitchell helps where we can in our communities through the donation of funds and time! United Way is more than just an organization; it's a movement — a catalyst for transforming lives. Whether you're donating, volunteering, or simply sharing a story, you can be an integral part of this nationwide force for good. At KellyMitchell, we keep the momentum going, one kind act at a time! The power to make a difference is within us all. With United Way leading the charge, together, we can stay united!

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Are you looking to join a work-life balance culture that gives back to the communities we live in? You can look for open job opportunities here!


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