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Perfect Your Pitch – Interviewing Tips to Land the Job You Want!


“Tell me about yourself.” That is the worst interview question in my opinion. What do you say? What does the hiring manager want to hear? Do you start talking about your favorite hobby or do you use the latest buzzwords to describe yourself? The best way to answer this question is to sell yourself. Do you have your 30 second elevator pitch prepared? If not, get to work writing, revising and practicing your pitch.

Tailor your pitch to fit the company you are interviewing with. What is their culture like? What are current employees saying about the company? Do your homework and learn everything you can about the company you are interviewing with. Go to Glassdoor and look at the reviews from current and previous employees. Also, go to the company’s social media pages and get a feel for what they are posting. Look at pictures and articles posted to learn more about the company and the industry they serve.

The more you know, the better you can tailor your pitch!Tailor your pitch to your skill set and what you can offer to the organization so the hiring manager knows that you will be an added value. More likely than not, you won’t be the only one interviewing for that position. When you pitch, make sure to include what sets you apart from all of the other candidates. Your pitch is the perfect opportunity to answer the question: “Why should we hire you?” so make it count! Make the hiring manager want to offer you and only you the job.

The most important tip for selling yourself in the interview actually takes place post-interview. Always make sure to follow up with the interviewer(s). Following up will ensure that you have set yourself apart from the competition and a hand written note or an email never goes unappreciated. In your follow up, make sure to hit on some talking points from the interview and reaffirm why you would be a great fit in the organization.

Now, get to work and happy pitching!

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