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Phone Interview Fails, and How to Prevent Them

Have you ever heard crickets after a phone interview even though you look great on paper, have all the experience required for the position, and have a great recruiter as your wingman? Believe it or not, it happens all the time and we’ve got some intel to share that might prevent it from happening in the future.

You Were in a Bad Place, Literally

You might think to yourself, “Oh great, a phone interview, I can knock that out on the drive to ______.” And then you find yourself pausing and sounding really awkward because someone just darted into your lane while you were trying to explain how you jumped from your last gig to where you are now.

Don’t blow the interview just because you aren’t in the appropriate location to intelligently talk on the phone. It is important to be fully present and free from distractions (TV, kids, cars, background music). Also, bad signals are super annoying so make sure you are in a place that has good cell reception. If you are limited to places around your current employer, a park bench is better than any parking garage.

You Thought the Phone Interview Was Not the Real Interview

Don’t trick yourself into thinking the phone interview is just a casual, less important version of the in-person interview. Many times, the phone interview is the only interview and that can be guaranteed if you don’t treat it that way.

How do you make sure you don’t fail on the phone? Prepare just like you would for the in-person. Research the company, have your resume in hand, and know all the ways your skills fit the job description. Get dressed and sit in a chair just like you would for the in-person.

You’re just not your professional self when chatting on the couch in your jammies and they will be able to hear it. The one thing you have on your side with a phone interview is the ability to have a cheat sheet. Take advantage and have a list of your top three skills and how they fit the position. Jot down a few talking points about the company that shows you know something about it.

Have a prewritten response to “Tell me a little about yourself?” so you aren’t caught umming or randomly talking about your cat. This is all pretty simple stuff, and if you want the job you will happily do all of it. If not.. well that brings us to our next point.

You We’re Just “Meh” About the Job Anyway

You might be telling yourself you need the job for all the wrong reasons, and it just happens to come to light when the interviewer asks why you want to work for the company, or why you think you’d be a great fit for the role. Don’t kick yourself too hard, this is why these questions are asked.

No one wants to be in a role they don’t really love and no hiring managers want to hire people that don’t ultimately want to be there. As recruiters, we’re here to make sure you are placed at a company that has a culture you will love as well as all the role-specific requirements that will keep you excited to come to work every day.

So be real with us, if it doesn’t sound like your style, we will move on to the next and save you the awkwardness of responding to the “Why do you love us?” questions when really, you don’t.

Now that you’re loaded with advice on nailing your next phone interview, let’s get you one! Hop over to our jobs page, find something you aren’t feeling “meh” about, and apply.

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