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Resources to Make your Professional Growth Bloom

Many times the path to personal growth and professional growth can overlap. When you imagine all the resources you have at your fingers tips these days to pursue those goals it can be daunting to decode where to start. So in honor of those spring flowers blooming, here’s your multimedia guide to help your own growth bloom.

This NPR podcast hosted by Guy Raz, is all about “innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists”. Each episode is a candid interview with those people who created some of the most memorable brands and the story behind their starts. The founders never seem to hold back, bringing up their highs and lows. Whether it’s their failures or successes these narratives are great inspiration regardless of where you are in your career.

This New York Times Bestseller comes from the same author who brought us The Power of Habit. This book examines the difference between how you think vs. what you think and how to channel that toward your productivity.

We all recognize that bearded, conductor hat-wearing man from his organic yellow labeled chapstick. This documentary actually gives you a look into the story behind Burt’s Bees and its famous-faced co-founder. Learn about what makes him tick and how he interacts to this day with the global brand he built in his backyard.

This show takes us back to the early days of the personal computer revolution, when IBM and Apple were the only players in the game. While, it is a fictionalized insider’s view, many can relate the story to the ongoing innovation battles still happening in Silicon Valley today.

Before Dan Pink was a career analyst, he was a speechwriter for Al Gore. But in this talk, he explores the “puzzle of motivation” and how we can all get the most out of our colleagues and ourselves. Hint: Listening.

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