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Skills to Learn While Quarantining


While following the social distancing guidelines you may find you have more free time these days than you did in the past. What better way to make use of this newfound leisure time than by using it to learn a new skill? Many platforms are offering online classes free or at discounted rates that will make learning something new as easy as possible. Here are some of our favorite platforms that will allow you to impress your friends and coworkers with a new party trick when you finally reunite.

Coding with JetBrains

JetBrains Academy is a startup that makes developmental tools for website developers. Unlike other coding skills-based platforms, JetBrains uses an integrated development environment to write other programs using tools like an editor and compiler.

JetBrains Academy was due to be launched for purchase just before COVID-19 surfaced and they have since changed the platform to be of no cost for users during the pandemic. Take full advantage of this opportunity and learn some new coding skills!

Learn a New Language

It’s not too late to pick up learning a foreign language where you left off in high school. Use this extra time to transform yourself into the worldly linguist you have always wanted to be. Duolingo is a great free language learning platform that offers courses on almost every language in the world.

The program offers a language learning website as well as a convenient app you can operate from your mobile device. Duolingo is the world’s most downloaded education app in the with over 300 million uses. The best part about this service is Duolingo is designed to feel like you are playing a game. You won’t even notice you are learning while you play!

Advance Your Education

Ivy League schools are offering certain online courses free or at discounted prices during the pandemic. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and use this time to expand your mind and further your education. Harvard University is offering a course called Leading Effective Virtual Teams.

The two-hour course is designed to be an interactive conference with a variety of conversations and exercises addressing how to effectively head a virtual team. The course focuses on increasing the benefits of remote teamwork and decreasing the drawbacks. After completion of this course, you will be able to make the most of this time WFH and social distancing while gaining a new understanding of this leadership style.

Learn to Play an Instrument

Have you always dreamed of being able to sit down around the campfire, grab a guitar, and serenade your friends with a song? Now is the perfect opportunity to learn to play the instrument you’ve always wanted to be able to play. Fender Play is offering three months of free guitar, ukulele, or bass lessons to the first 100,000 users that sign up.

You can choose what genre of music you would like to learn with and are then able to watch incremental video lessons taught by professionals. The outlet also offers instrumental videos on chord progressions of popular songs allowing you to learn to play a song in its entirety. Learning to play an instrument is a great way to spend your time indoors that will make you feel accomplished.

Teach Yourself Origami

Origami is a simple hobby that allows one to relax and unwind while creating beautiful objects out of paper. Origami develops your hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and mental concentration. offers a beginner’s guide to the craft that will teach you step by step folds to create unique objects. The service demonstrates everything about origami from common beginner folds to more advanced folds. You will be able to come back from this quarantine with an impressive new artform to show off.

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