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Social Media and the Tech Savvy Job Seeker

Where has the latest job seeking trend taken us? – social media. Companies are on all forms of social media from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram. The more interesting trend is that companies are posting jobs out to all of these channels and if you’re already on social media, use it to your advantage. So, how are we supposed to maximize our social job search?

Let’s start with the most professional networks for job seekers-


LinkedIn is where companies want to be when they are hiring. More and more hiring managers and recruiters are using LinkedIn for sourcing candidates and posting jobs. Most importantly, you need to take the time to construct your LinkedIn profile. Upload your resume, get connections and start using those connections to aid in your job search. Searching for jobs on LinkedIn is similar to any job board- you can search by keyword, location, company, job title, etc.


While Facebook is not going to turn in to LinkedIn anytime soon, the social media powerhouse is starting to see more and more job seekers. If a company has a job they want to post on Facebook they will either post it to their profile or on their “Open Jobs” tab if they have one. Another way to find jobs is to join groups relating to your industry and become active. Adding value and participating in group discussions will help you stand out from the crowd.


Twitter has become a great source for employers to post jobs. Searching Twitter for jobs is just as easy as searching LinkedIn. TweetMyJobs, TwitJobSearch and many more services are available for you to look for jobs on this social network. If you are using this tool strictly to help you in your job search, be sure to post your LinkedIn URL in to your profile. This will help recruiters and hiring managers look at your professional profile and see your resume, achievements, etc.

What are your social media job seeking strategies?

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