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Social Media, Connections & Communication | IPM Day 2013

International Project Management Day is a free online conference running through December 7th. PMPs can earn up to 12 PDUs by viewing free presentations.

True or False: 7 of 10 Executives Are Not on Social Media

It’s true! This is a huge opportunity that is being missed, an opportunity to send a message, to correct misrepresentations and to engage a target audience. Whether it is the technical hill that they do not want to surmount, or the fear of stale content, executives need to find a way to make social media a part of their role.

One way to make this easier is to create a calendar, have your team work on creating a virtual calendar of content. What holidays can you piggy back on? Is there reusable content, or blog content that is relevant to your industry? If so, a commentary on the article or a few words about where your company is headed could be all it takes to start a dialogue. One thing most people complain about on Social Media is too much product promotion. Remember, people come to Social Media for entertainment, for information, to engage…not to have product ads thrust up on them. But, getting your message AND product out there is important. Follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to posting content – 80% information, thought provoking questions and 20% product promotion.

And what do all good leaders share? An amazing call to action! Yours doesn’t need to be a Braveheart “FREEDOM” roar, but you want to ask people to comment, share, follow, like, subscribe…you get the picture. The more people that come back, the larger your audience will grow. Listen to what people are saying, create trust among your social media community and watch your influence grow!

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