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Strategies to Make Your 2021 Resolutions Stick


We’re one week into 2021 and many of us have gotten our resolutions sorted out and underway. But every year the first week always seems to be the easiest so how do you keep that momentum going? So we asked our KMers what are their secrets for success when it comes to sticking to their resolutions and these were some of their tips.

Find an Accountability Buddy

This is arguably the oldest trick in the book. Find a friend, coworker, or family who either shares your resolution or will keep you focused on your goal. Maybe it’s a friend who will text you a daily reminder to drink more water or your significant other helping you avoid take-out. Whatever your goal, you’re likely going to find that having someone supporting you is more likely to keep you on track.

Attach a Dollar Amount to Your Resolution

If you’re one of those people who’s money driven perhaps you need some coin on the line to stay focused. Consider an amount that your goal is worth to you and pull it out in cash or send it via Venmo to your most fiscally responsible friend.

If your resolution is to declutter one space every day for 30 days, for example, give your friend $150, and for each day you complete that task, they’ll give you back $5. Whatever is left over could either be donated to charity or used to buy your kind friend dinner. If you are looking for something more formal with the monetary component, there are apps like stepbet, stickk, Beeminder to hold you accountable with money on the line.

Turn to Tech

If you’re a techie or someone who loves data, you’re probably more driven by being able to track your goals digitally. There’s a lot of pluses to tracking your resolutions this way. One, you can access the info anywhere you have internet. Two, it gives you a great visual of how consistent you’re being with your goals. And lastly, it has been shown that this kind of tracking is more likely to keep you on track.

One of our favorite resources for this is Lifetick which is an online platform that uses the S.M.A.R.T methodology to keep you focused. It’s great because it allows you to work towards multiple goals and helps break those down into smaller steps. If you are looking for something digital but maybe a little less “involved” check out Don’t Break the Chain, a simple calendar to track your resolutions and consistency.

Focus on Creating New Habits

Maybe this year, you’re looking at less of a resolution and more at creating some new or better habits. If that’s the case Streaks and Way of Life are both great apps for tracking all your new habits, from walking the dog to exercising, think of these more for the smaller changes you’re looking to make in your life. Don’t let the size of the habit deter you from taking it on though, as Sean Covey once said, “Small changes can make huge destination differences”.

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