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Talking Back

When preparing for an interview, it’s likely that you’re going to review and prepare for questions that you are are going to get asked. Great move, as you should be the one doing most of the talking. However, there comes a time in every interview when the interviewer wants to know if YOU have any questions.

A job is not something to take lightly – you do spend 1/3 of every day at work! – and in order to make sure this is a fit on both ends, you’ll want to make sure you ask the right questions. The best ones we’ve come across are as follows.

  1. Where do you see this position going in the next few years?

  2. How can I most quickly become a strong contributor within the organization?

  3. What are the most challenging aspects of the job for which I am being considered?

  4. Now that we’ve had a chance to talk, how does my background measure up to the requirements of the job? To the other candidates?

  5. Where are you in the hiring process? What’s our next step?

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