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The 5 Worst Types of Cubicle Neighbors

Sure, having a cubicle can be fun at times. Cubicles promote office culture and can help open the lines of communication among employees. They can create a sense of belonging and encourage strong, positive office relationships. While cubicles can give some employees the warm fuzzies, they can easily turn into a box of torture.

In honor of National Cubicle Day we thought we would list the five worst types of cubicle neighbors. It’s likely you have a list of your own… the smelly food eater, the loud talker, the super chatty sports fan… but just in case you were wondering if anyone else has been in your shoes cube, here is our list of the five worst types of cubicle neighbors.

The Hyper-Decorator

Just because you choose not to celebrate every single holiday by plastering your zen workspace with twinkle lights and paper mache doesn’t mean you aren’t a team player. Don’t let the hyper-decorator next door give you the side eye for creating a non-denominational work zone. This ban on calendar-dependent office decor also includes astroturf rugs during football season and balloons of any kind. Not included- holiday themed snacks.

The Pop-over-er

While the occasional peek-around is acceptable among office friends, it’s not okay to routinely interrupt the work flow of another office-mate. We’ve all been spooked mid-email by the pop-over-er and it’s not cool. If you are plagued by a pop-over-er in the workplace, we feel for you.

The Perky Morning Person

You just finished patting yourself on the back for being 10 minutes early and having time to stop for coffee when your cubicle neighbor lets you know he came in a hour early after running four miles and folding three loads of laundry. Thaaanks.

The Bad Influence

We all have that cubicle dweller in the office who tries to turn #WineWednesday into #WineEveryday. OR the doughnut-pushing neighbor out to inadvertently sabotage your Summer-bod initiative. We hear you. Why can’t there be more healthy drinking, eating, or exercising influences around us?! WHYYYY?

The Major Mess

One good thing about cubicles is that in most cases, you don’t really have to see the clutter next door. Unless they are configured in a way that you must step over papers oozing out of their office in order to get to your own. Did their mother not teach them how to pick up after themselves?!

Now that you know what to look out for when choosing (if you get a choice) cubicle companions, we are in the process of curating our most random cubicle treasures. Head over to Facebook in a few to see the random items KellyMitchell employees have in their cubes.

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