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The Real Top 3 Hottest Tech Jobs of 2017


While nearly every news outlet is sharing Glassdoor’s recently released 2017 list of 50 Best Jobs in America, we decided to go a step further than just relay their message. We noticed that Glassdoor chooses these positions based on three factors: number of job openings, salary, and overall job satisfaction rating. That got us thinking, this list is only based on Glassdoor’s data, this isn’t the end-all-be-all of promising job predictions like some news outlets are implying. So, we did some poking around and found other 2017 Hot Jobs lists from Tech Republic, LinkedIn, and CNN Money and compared them to see some common winners. Here’s what we found…

The All-Star – Data Scientist

Data Science is right in the middle of its heyday, so congrats to any of you lucky enough to be enjoying it via a top-paying Data Scientist position at a place you love going to work at every day. And chances are, if you aren’t enjoying the pay or the culture that comes with your current DS position (and you’re worth your salt), there are a list of open positions waiting to be that for you. Number one on Glassdoor’s Best Jobs in America list for the second year in a row, and pretty much standard top five on any other list of promising professions, Data Scientists are having a real moment, so you should take full advantage. Check out our current positions.

The Consistent Contender – UX Designer

The UX Designer is the IT world’s example of “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride,” as it appears year after year on top ten lists of IT’s Hottest Jobs, but has yet to take the top spot on any list we have seen. Standing in the shadow of the Data Scientist isn’t exactly a bad thing, that shady spot is still full of opportunity and some pretty serious moolah. Our guess is by 2020 the UX Designer will take the gold, so if you are in a position to move into UX design, now’s the time. Check out our current openings.

The Sleeper – Analytics Manager

We have yet to see a 2017 "Hot Jobs" list that doesn't include the Analytics Manager. Sitting at number five on both TechRepublic and Glassdoor's lists, number six on CNN Money's, and number 18 on LinkedIn's, we're sensing a newfound respect for the Analytics Manager. We checked and just last year it didn't appear in the top 20 of any list we scoured. This isn't entirely surprising to us since we have personally witnessed an influx of AM positions.

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