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The Recruiter Report: Benefits of Maintaining Contact with your Recruiter


You’ve worked with a recruiter throughout your job search and interviews, and now you got the job. Congrats! You may be asking yourself, why stay in touch with a recruiter after that? Turns out, there are many benefits to staying in touch with a recruiter once you’ve landed your dream job. The relationship is a valuable one that can serve you well later. Here are five benefits to staying connected with your recruiter.

Expand Your Professional Network

Staying in touch with a recruiter translates to an expanded professional network. Recruiters know other recruiters, so if you ever decide to change jobs or careers, they can likely put you in touch with a colleague who knows about a specific role. Recruiters also know clients, so they could potentially introduce you to people making hiring decisions at a company.

“Staying connected to a recruiter will allow you to keep a pulse on the current market. A recruiter can assist in helping you understand what is going on with local companies, hiring managers and other candidates. Staying in communication with a recruiter gives you the chance to have someone working for you to send you job opportunities as they open!” said Giovanni Ferrara, Talent Manager at KellyMitchell.

Get the Inside Scoop

Recruiters have access to inside information about jobs. Oftentimes, they know about a position before it’s posted. If you know a recruiter, you can get your application in before the rush and be one of the first candidates presented to a hiring manager. A recruiter can also give you the scoop about a company, job, and interview process.

“Recruiters have a wide range of connections within the clients we serve, so we can get you firsthand knowledge on what the manager needs, the type of work you will be doing, and team dynamics. We have direct manager contact with a lot of the jobs we source, so working with a recruiter can get your resume directly in front of the person in charge!” said Erin Dean, Talent Director at KellyMitchell.

Give Back to Your Network

You’re not the only one who can benefit from continued contact with a recruiter; your professional network can, too. If a friend, family member, or colleague reaches out to you for details about a particular role at your company, you can refer them to your recruiter for more information. It’s a win-win situation, as you build your relationship with the recruiter and the person you refer.

“Our recruiters dedicate their time to building great relationships with candidates by understanding their background, their experience, and true objectives in their life and career. This allows our team to connect them with an abundance of great people and kick off some stellar relationships,” said Katie Miskovic, Client Engagement Manager at KellyMitchell.

Score Industry Insights

Recruiters are well-versed in different industries and market trends. They will know what skills, experiences, and certifications are valuable to an employer. Keep in touch with a recruiter for advice throughout your career to make sure your goals are well aligned with certain positions.

“We have a large network and are continuously documenting the information we learn. We can let candidates know all the details we know about the job or team that might help land them that job. I always tell candidates that I will share everything I know with them. For example, how many people are interviewing, company or team size and culture, what the interview process looks like, typical interview questions asked, the managers timeline, what to highlight on their resume, etc.,” said Sophia Georgantonis, Talent Director at KellyMitchell.

Build a Professional Safety Net

We never know what the future brings. Sometimes, it involves changing jobs. If your recruiter moves on to a new company, they’re looking to fill jobs quickly and efficiently with the most qualified candidates. You can stand out from the crowd by remaining on their radar. That connection could help you get your foot in the door at a new organization.

“By remaining connected with a recruiter, you are building a professional relationship where your communication and follow-up will keep you on the recruiter’s hotlist of candidates. You will receive brand new openings from the recruiter as soon as they’re released by a company, and you’ll get one of the first submission spots, giving you the upper-hand against other candidates,” said Jen Zang, Talent Director at KellyMitchell.

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