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The Recruiter Report: How to Handle Pandemic-Related Gaps on Your Resume


The COVID-19 pandemic left many out of work and searching for a new opportunity. If you’ve experienced a pandemic-related job lapse and you’re worried about how it looks on your resume, never fear! Gretchen Olwig, our Senior Talent Engagement Director, shared a few tips for how to handle pandemic-related career gaps.

Be Open and Honest

“Always be transparent. I would address a pandemic-related gap on your resume head-on. You can include a statement like, ‘Laid off due to COVID.’ Acknowledging an employment gap, especially when you were at a company for a short amount of time, shows you’re proactive about addressing the gap in your resume.”

Highlight Your Skills

“A lot of people pursued a certificate or online education after they got laid off. I would highlight that on a resume or in a cover letter. It shows you took action to grow your skill set and learn something new.”

Look to LinkedIn

“Make sure to mark that you’re open to new opportunities on LinkedIn Recruiter. This will accelerate your job search by alerting recruiters that you’re available for work.”

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