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Three Reasons Why Millennials Are Great Hires


A lot of people think that millennials are entitled, require constant praise, extremely lazy and have short attention spans. While these stereotypes may ring true in some millennials, why should all of Gen Y fall under this umbrella? Here’s 3 reasons why millennials make great hires.

1. They expect work not just to be a job, but an adventure.

Millennials are constantly seeking new opportunities and challenges to help them grow both personally and professionally. Millennials are eager to accept assignments and projects even if it’s outside their comfort zone. Employers shouldn’t hesitate to give the millennials in the office tasks and projects with guidelines as to what they are expected to accomplish. The millennials will appreciate some freedom to figure out the fine details on their own and is a great way to help them feel rooted in the organization.

2. Millennials constantly seek ways to improve.

Sometimes, the need for feedback is seen as negative. It is interpreted as millennials are always needing attention and looking for praise. Millennials are looking for constructive criticism to learn on the job and be the best that they can be. This real-time learning is beneficial for the company, manager and millennial!

3. Milllennials are tech-savvy.

As a millennial, I have never known a time without some kind of technology playing a role in my day to day life. Millennials are comfortable and experienced in all different types of technology. Older employees can learn from their millennial co-workers about using different technologies to aid in their day to day. Additionally, millennials are more socially engaged and can help build your brand on social media.

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