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Tidy Up Your Social Media in 2022


We’ve all been there before: There are less than flattering photos of us on our social media account, we’ve tweeted things we can’t take back, or we’ve overshared on one of our accounts. Even though those issues may seem minor, they could be a dealbreaker to a future employer. The good news is, there are several steps you can take to avoid this scenario. Here are our tips for tidying up your social media while job searching.

Display Professional Profile Photos

An employer doesn’t have to be on your Friends list to see the photo, so this is one of the easiest things for companies to find when they’re doing background checks. Before you start sending applications, check on your profile photos for each social media account and make sure they’re flattering and professional.

Adjust Privacy Settings

At the beginning of your job search, set your personal profiles to private. Prospective employers can still probably find information there including your profile photos but doing this ensures that only your friends can see all your information.

Monitor and Edit Comments

This might seem out of your control, but on most social media platforms, you can delete a comment if it’s offensive or questionable. Regularly check to see who is commenting on your comment and delete any remarks that could reflect poorly on you to a future employer.

Tweet Professionally

Every has a right to their opinion, but if your tweets are lewd or offensive, you’re probably in hot water with a future employer. Go through your profile and delete anything that you wouldn't consider safe for work.

Avoid Mentioning Past Positions

This is a huge social media no-no that could cost you your dream job. Never speak poorly about a past or present employer on social media. Potential employers are looking for this kind of information to decide whether you would be a good fit at the company.

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