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Top 10 Resume Tips

Today we will launch a new blog format to hopefully appear frequently. Our first top 10 list is brought to you by our Minneapolis branch and focuses on Resume Writing.

  1. Your resume isn’t a dating profile – save the personal interests (reading, kayaking or spending time with your 4 grandchildren) for small talk during the interview, or better yet, after you get hired.

  2. Font only gets you so far – spend your time working on the content of your resume rather than the fancy typeface.

  3. Tailor your resume – if a skill is listed in the job description, and you have it, make sure it is in your resume.

  4. Numbers are the new black – don’t just describe your experiences, quantify them.  How many people did you manage?  How large was the budget?

  5. Honesty is the best policy –accurately describe your experiences.  You don’t want to be caught in a fib during your interview, or worse, fired because you were fraudulent.

  6. Proof, proof, then have your friend proof – the last thing you want is to claim you are detail-oriented, and have a spelling error in your resume.  Review your resume numerous times!

  7. Avoid the “no kidding” information – “Available for an interview” or “References available upon request” – obviously if you are submitting your resume, you are willing and able to provide the information required.  Don’t make the employer think “no kidding!”

  8. “I” love “me” – Yes, the resume is all about you, but it is redundant to use pronouns in your resume. Avoid “I”, “me” and “we” – instead start your bullet points with verbs.

  9. More isn’t always better – When you have been in the workforce for over 20 years, it is not necessary to include every position you have ever held.  Being a lifeguard at the neighborhood pool in high school isn’t going to get you a senior management position, so don’t include it.

  10. Use the Newspaper Theory – Keep the most important information near the top, and left, of your resume because that is where the eye is drawn to first. Move your relevant experience to the top!

Thank you Minneapolis! We look forward to more Top 10 Lists throughout the year.

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