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Where to Start Your Job Hunt When You Don’t Know Where to Start

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Whether you’re looking for your first job or a change of scenery, job hunting can undoubtedly seem overwhelming when you first start. However, if you approach your job hunt in a methodical manner, focus on simplifying each step you’ll find the job of your dreams without all the stress!

Get to Know Your Goals

Before you even so much as pick the font for your resume. Pause and reflect, imagine what your dream job looks like. What are you doing day-to-day? Do you work for a big organization or a boutique company? What’s your commute like or are your working from home? Consider all these things carefully, however, as you proceed in your hunt you will have to allow for some flexibility here and there but these things should be your primary guiders!

Update Everything

Your resume is perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle. When I say that your resume should be perfect, this is not an exaggeration. Employers receive a mass amount of applications and this is their first line of defense for weeding out applicants. No spelling errors or grammar mistakes are acceptable, so triple check before you hit send.

If you want a second pair of eyes, consult a resume specialist or editor, or even just that one friend who’s always correcting your ‘there’s’ to ‘theirs’s’ in text conversations. Additionally, ensure that your resume and cover letter are tailored to each job you apply for. It’s not a “one size fits all.” If you want the job, you must put in the work and let the employer why you’re the best one for the position.

Beyond your resume, especially in this digital age, employers are almost guaranteed to search candidates on the web. If you’d be satisfied with employers seeing your social media posts and photos, you’re set. Don’t assume that anything is private from the public eye. It is appropriate to show off your personality on social media as long as it is kept to a degree of professionalism. If your accounts are clean and up to date, others will know that you’re mature and on top of the game.

Connect with Your Network

Many hires are the outcome of personal connections. They know your character and already have a good idea of how you’d work as a full-time employee. Chances are if you’ve completed even one internship or job role, you already have a wide range of connections. Make a list of individuals you previously connected with who would be willing to help you in your search.

Additionally, LinkedIn is one of the best tools for professionals. It allows you to connect with anyone you want. This is great if you wish to connect with people in your industry who have experience doing what you want to do. There are several helpful features on LinkedIn, including an “Open Candidates” option, which lets recruiters know that you’re looking for a job. Aim to be clear, concise and to the point with your descriptions in addition to being active on the site. Incomplete profiles are a definite turnoff. Ensure that your experience is consistent with your resume and your profile is top-notch. This includes making it professional, pleasing to look at and easy to maneuver.

Explore What’s Out There

There are so many useful tools on the internet designed to assist you in your job search. However, they’re unhelpful if you don’t know which ones to use and how to use them. To name a few: LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter. These websites will generate job openings based on your interests and offer an application button right then and there. Going through a staffing agency is also a great option if you can’t quite get the hang of the process.

Once you’ve covered all these bases and are ready to do a deep dive into your job search, reach out to us. We’d love to chat about your goals and see if you’re a fit for one of our 17 nationwide offices!

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