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Why a Laser-Sharp Focus is Better for Your Consulting Career

Software developers know that interruptions can totally throw off their mojo. It can take just a minute to get distracted, but a whole hour to re-focus on the complex problem they are trying to solve.

The same is true for your job search. There are infinite distractions begging for your attention, and it’s easy for your job search to get quickly thrown off course.

It’s time to cut out time-wasters and momentum-busters to get your consulting career into focus.

In fact, being more specific and more targeted can actually open up better opportunities.

Focus your...


Waiting to check off that course or certification before pursuing your next opportunity? While certain qualifications can definitely provide a leg-up in the job search, often experience and transferable skills will be enough to help you land the job.

Going after the right credentials is admirable, but don't let the pursuit of documentation stand in the way of the right opportunities in the meantime. Working closely with your recruiter can help present your qualifications in the best light, getting the client's attention, and getting you the job.


Tailor your resume to highlight experience that is relevant to a single job description. While that may seem time consuming (it is), tailoring your resume for each job you apply to will help you to focus on the opportunities you are most qualified for and most passionate about.

Social Presence

There is a ton of buzz about social media and the job search, but trying to keep up with all of the latest developments can lead you down a rabbit hole of unproductive job search activity.

Focus on giving a professional spit-shine to social media profiles you currently maintain. You don’t have to become a social media ninja or maven to stand out from other candidates (unless you’re applying for a social media position). Instead, concentrate on presenting yourself well on one or two channels.


Your connections are often the key to your next position, and you never know who might refer you to a great opportunity. So focus your networking efforts where they will really pay off. Attending a networking event? Instead of exchanging business cards at a rapid-fire pace, do a bit of research up front and pinpoint the people you’d most like to connect with.

Detours and distractions can prolong your quest to find your next opportunity. Focus on the most pressing and relevant aspects of your job search to keep your consulting career on track.

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