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2021 New Year's Resolutions: WFH Edition


We’re one week from the New Year and many are looking forward to closing the book on 2020. Like the end of any other year, many of us are trying to sort out what resolutions we’d like to make for the coming months. Since we’re still working from home, for the time being, we thought we’d think up some great WFH goals to kick 2021 off right! Not sure where to start with your resolutions this year? Check out some of ours below!

Create a Space to Reflect and Meditate

While many of us have spent plenty of time this year sprucing up our WFH set-ups, what hasn’t gotten much attention creating a chill space to relax and step away from your work. If your other resolutions include anything like focusing on your mindfulness or practicing meditation creating space for these activities is a great next step. Whether it be a corner of a room or a whole room, create a space where just being there is relaxing. Think about adding some greenery, an essential oil diffusor, and of course some pillows and blankets to make it extra cozy.

Resolve to Save Some Energy

While being home more, you’ve likely seen your energy bill spike throughout the year to new highs and even more so in the winter months when you might have holiday lights up. January is a great time to rethink your household energy usage and put together new best practices for you to adopt. Maybe it’s as simple as turning off lights when you leave a room or turning down the heater and throwing on a sweatshirt. Think about where you might be losing energy and how you can fix that to kick off the New Year in both a sustainable and fiscally responsible manner.

Cook Up Your Own Snacks

While having this extra time at home, many of us spent some of it learning new recipes over the last year. However, one area you might not have dabbled into is DIYing your own snacks. Working from home offers you the chance to whip up some treats that you might otherwise avoid if you were concerned about dogs and roommates getting to them while you were out. Simple things like cooking sweet potato chips or some dehydrated fruits are now an option since you’re home to monitor the situation. Similar to our previous resolution, this one hits a few different selling points. It helps your budget, offers up a new activity or skill to learn, and if eating healthier is on your To-Do list for 2021 this is a great way to take control of that as well.

Teach Your Pets Some New Tricks

While many of us took 2020 to teach ourselves some new skills from languages to coding, now is a great opportunity to help your “coworkers” step up their game. And no, we’re not talking about our kids or roommates but our four-legged, furry coworkers… our pets! Maybe some basic obedience is needed or perhaps you want them to learn a fun party trick to impress your friends once you can see them again. Whatever the skill this is a great time to reinforce learning with them because contrary to the saying, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Practice Your Posture

While working from home you might have found that you are sitting more and more at your desk since there’s less time walking to meetings or catching up by the water cooler. In a recent study, it was even found that one in four Americans sit for more than eight hours a day. So to help combat the damage this might be doing to your body, start being mindful of your posture. When seated, remember to stretch your spine, pull in your belly button slightly, and to keep your neck in line with your ears and shoulders. Don’t forget to keep your feet flat, knees at 90º angle and your computer screen should be eye level and you’ll find your back feeling better at the end of every workday. If you want a more techy solution to working on your posture, consider purchasing the Upright posture corrector.

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