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30 Day Challenge: Quarantine Edition


As many of us start to prepare ourselves to head back to the office, we’re thinking how can make the most of this time before that comes. This is two-fold, how can we enjoy this time and how can we be productive and prepared as we begin to return to business as usual. We’ll also we following along on our Instagram account @KellyMitchellGp so don’t forget to tag us and use #KMQuarantineChallenge if you share any of your updates!

Day 1

Make Your Desk a Happy Space

Use our guide on how to Feng Shui your desk if you don’t know where to start.

Day 2

Do a Social Media Purge

Unfollow any accounts you don’t relate to anymore and remove any old contacts you don’t communicate with.

Day 3

Swap Any Old Puzzles or Games

If you have any puzzles or games you’ve tired of during quarantine, find a friend you can do a contactless porch swap with, and voila, you’ll have some new activities for the remainder of quarantine.

Day 4

Toss Any Unused Electronics

Bonus points if you can find the matching cord and get rid of it as well. Nothing worse than looking for your computer cord and finding the cord for your 3rd generation iPod.

Day 5

Change Your Desktop Wallpaper

We suggest using a photo of a place or thing that will make you instantly happy when you see it. Maybe you channel the first place you’ll be going once travel restrictions are lifted.

Day 6

Update Your Calendar

Update any meetings that might be virtual now or events that have been switched to virtual or canceled.

Day 7

Clean Out Your Desk Drawers

Toss any old pens or supplies that don’t work or are even just causing clutter.

Day 8

Unenroll From Junk Emails

Whether you use a service like or go through them email by email, you’ll love waking up to less junk mail every day.

Day 9

Set 3 Goals that Inspire Happiness

We suggest trying to come up with them in terms of categories like home, health, work, personal development. And try to make them SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound).

Day 10

Be Your Own Barista

Give the Keurig a break, try making your favorite coffee at home. Maybe you’ll find you’ve got the skills and will keep doing once your favorite coffee shop reopens.

Day 11

Organize Your Computer Desktop

Clean up your desktop by deleting or moving all files. Updating your folders is a really good way to do this as well.

Day 12

Try a New Workout Program

Let’s be honest, the Quarantine 15 is a real thing, so let’s start getting back at it by trying a new virtual workout. Maybe you give Barre a shot or try kickboxing, whatever you might’ve wanted to try but were too embarrassed to try that first class in person.

Day 13

Video Call Someone in Your Network

Whether it’s an old coworker, a colleague you miss, or just someone you’ve been wanting to connect with for a while, now is a great time to touch base with them.

Day 14

Reorganize Your Phone and Tablet Apps

The thing with apps is that as we download them they just kind of sit there, so take a moment to clean up your apps and organize them. Our new favorite way is by color as taught by The Home Edit.

Day 15

Take the Day Off Social Media

Spend the day being more present with those you are quarantining or tackling a big project you’ve been putting off.

Day 16

Go For a Walk

Take the day off from being productive and get outside and relax while still safely social distancing.

Day 17

Listen to a Podcast

Instead of listening to Lizzo’s lastest album spend today with a podcast or two playing in the background. One of our favorites regardless of where you are in your career is NPR’s ‘How I Built This’ with the founders of some of today’s most well-known companies.

Day 18

Back Up Devices

On our shortlist are your phone, tablet, computer, and any digital camera or memory cards are good to think about too.

Day 19

Clean Out Your Junk Drawer

We all have one, you know, it’s for well everything. Spend some time organizing it, and well throwing out the actual junk.

Day 20

Purge Your Internet Bookmarks

Delete any old bookmarks you don’t use anymore. Like that article from your junior year final.

Day 21

Pay It Forward

Whether it be paying for the person behind you in the drive-thru line or sending a Starbucks gift card to a friend on the frontlines of the pandemic, find a way to pay it forward today.

Day 22

Organize Your Digital Photos

Delete unessential pictures like screenshots, multiples, and blurry images. Back up all remaining photos.

Day 23

Touch Up Your LinkedIn

Now is a great time when things are a little quieter to make sure your profile is up to date with your latest job title, achievements, and any professional associations you belong to.

Day 24

Watch a TEDtalk

Start your day off with some inspiration from watching a TEDtalk.

Day 25

Get a Solid 8 Hours of Sleep

Yes, this might cut into you binge-watching Tiger King (again) but go to bed early tonight and see how refreshed you feel in the morning.

Day 26

Evaluate Your Routine

In preparation for heading back to the office, think about what you’ve enjoyed about working from home like getting more sleep, and what you’ve missed like grabbing a coffee on the way to the office. Once you’ve evaluated what kind of schedule you’d like to adhere to, start making those adjustments now so it’s less of a shock to your system when the time comes.

Day 27

Donate Old Clothes

Before heading back to the office, assess which clothes you won’t be wearing anymore and donate them to Dress for Success, Goodwill, or a homeless shelter.

Day 28

File Away Your Papers

Get the paper clutter off your desk and organized once and for all, especially things you’ll need to bring back to the office with you.

Day 29

Get Your Laundry Done

Head back to the office in style, get all your clothes clean and fresh so to avoid that feeling of having “nothing” to wear.

Day 30

Spend Some Time Cleaning Your Car

You likely haven’t been driving much as your commute hasn’t been happening, so get it ready for a fresh start and your first day back.

- - -

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