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5 Tips to Make Your Onboarding Process a Breeze!

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Once that anticipated offer letter is in your hand, you may think to yourself, what now? What do I need to do before my first day? The onboarding process is different for every employer, but for the most part you can expect a background check, drug screen, and paperwork such as tax documents. Here are five guidelines to remember while going through your onboarding process that may make your life a lot easier.

Get Checked & Screened… Stat

The background check and drug screen should be your first priority because those take the longest to receive results. You will need to complete a background consent form before submitting your background application. Make sure to be upfront about any previous criminal activity.

Know Your Past Employment

If the company requires employment verification, make sure you list the correct amount of years, the exact dates worked, and the correct employer! If you worked for a staffing firm, the staffing firm would be your employer, not the client you were onsite with. Furthermore, what you presented on your resume should coincide with your background application. Lastly, list where you worked rather than where the employer was headquartered. This is most often needed for the criminal background search.

Give the Clinic a Call

Drug tests vary on how long the results will take. It depends on what screening package the employer requires. Be sure to take the appropriate paperwork and have a photo ID with you when you head to the clinic. Most clinics are walk in; however, some drug tests do require an appointment. It never hurts to give the clinic a call before you head there!

Prepare for Paperwork!

The second half of your onboarding will contain the paperwork portion. You should expect tax forms, your offer letter, Form I-9, direct deposit information, and any other paperwork specific to the employer. For example, most companies require an Employee Handbook, Substance, and Electronic Agreements be reviewed and signed. Before you start filling out all of these forms, make sure you have a clear explanation on what you need to return, how to fill it out, and if you can sign with electronic signatures.

Be Quick!

Lastly, urgency is key! The quicker you complete your background application, drug screen, and required paperwork, the sooner you will be able to start your new opportunity! Being cooperative and efficient during the onboarding process will help instill a great first impression with your new employer!

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