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Going Public? Your Personal IPO

Facebook’s billion dollar acquisition of Instagram has been big news recently. And with Facebook’s looming IPO, that is rumored to be monstrous, it doesn’t look like Facebook is slowing down anytime soon. Acquisitions and IPO’s can sound like a bunch of financial

Sounds like a good salary to me.

mumbo jumbo, however they are not only for the multi-billionaire innovators. The qualities needed for job hunting are the same qualities needed for a successful IPO or acquisition.

Putting yourself back on the job market is like your own personal IPO. You put yourself on the market in hopes of finding a firm to invest in your skills, value, and experiences.

While you may not make $1 billion in one fell swoop like the lucky creators of Instagram, it is still important to know your value and put yourself out there at the right time. According to some, Groupon went public too early and now is facing the consequences. How can you make sure your personal IPO will go smoothly?

  • Like Groupon maybe should have done, wait until you are ready to get out there. This could mean finishing up at your old job, finishing a new degree or certificate, or making sure all your other ducks are in a line.

  • Brush up on the basics, check out our blog posts about networking, resume tips, interviewing, and how to stand out.

  • Know your value! A company that is a good fit will recognize your value as well.

  • Make sure your value will continue to grow in your new role. Facebook bought Instagram in order to create more value in the future, make sure you can keep evolving as well.

A smart firm will recognize your worth and do what they can to bring you on-board. So get out there, it’s time for your public debut!

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