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Grappling With a Counter-Offer? 10 Reasons to Go for It.

Congratulations! You’ve finally been offered that new job you’ve been working toward. So you put in your two weeks – causing outright panic in your organization.

They’re thinking:

“We are already stretched to the max. It will take months to find, hire, and train a new employee. Not only will that affect productivity, but it will cost us money.”

So they slap you in the face with the counter-offer, and things start to feel a bit topsy-turvy:

  • That raise you’ve been waiting for? It’s yours.

  • The big promotion that never happened? Suddenly, you’re the gal for the job.

  • The cubicle you were destined to inhabit for all eternity? Welcome to your new office!

Suddenly, your decision to leave doesn’t seem so clear. Fortunately, there is help.

Presenting: 10 Reasons to Accept the Counter-Offer

1. You enjoy working in an environment in which you must threaten to quit every time you want to have a serious discussion about an increase or promotion.

2. You like the social challenge of working with people whose trust you have broken, and don’t mind being excluded from the “inner circle” of your company. You threatened to leave once, and chances are you’ll threaten to leave again, right?

3. The issues that catalyzed your job search to begin with really aren’t that bad. Your manager can be competent sometimes, and limited opportunity for growth is no biggie.

4. You think it’s edgy that your company is willing to essentially blackmail you into staying with them.

5. You love the thrill of being on the chopping block. When your company is faced with letting employees go, you’ll be first in line because you’ve already demonstrated that you’re a wild card.

6. You think that it’s polite to let your employer literally “buy” your time until they can find a cheaper replacement.

7. Each day you wake up looking forward to going to a place where co workers resent you for your undeserved office space/bonus/promotion.

8. Reaching your full potential is overrated.

9. You are a pyromaniac that burns bridges at every turn – including with your new employer. You don’t mind that you’ll never have a chance to work with them again after they stuck their neck out for you with a job offer.

10. Getting your references in order, filling out time consuming applications, and getting grilled by interviewers are ways you like to spend your free time. You did it once, and you’ll do it again when the novelty of the counter-offer wears off, or your replacement is found.

Delaying the Inevitable

At the end of the day, a counter-offer is just an excuse for both parties to put off the inevitable discomfort of having a vacancy/starting a new and better job.

Instead of accepting the counter-offer, give your very best effort to leave your job gracefully – and leave your relationship with your company intact. That way if things don’t work out in your new position, you might be able to come back, or at least leverage your relationship for your next job search.

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