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How to be a Career-Changing Mentor


We all know one: That one person at work who helped us in an extremely meaningful way, whether it was getting us acclimated to a new environment or teaching us ways to be more productive. A good mentor can have a huge impact on our career, pointing us in the right direction and making sure we’re becoming the best employee we can be. Want to be a career-changing mentor? Check out our list of tips below:

Ask About Career Goals

A good mentor should prioritize mentee’s needs, and they can do this by simply asking about their career goals. Ask your mentee questions about what they want to improve on and how they like to receive feedback. Use their answers to help them turn their career goals into objectives they can accomplish over time.

Be Available

Quality time is critical when it comes to being a good mentor. Be available to your mentee. Give them your full attention in a phone call, meeting, or email to promote their growth.

Set Clear Expectations

Good mentors set clear expectations at the outset of a relationship with a mentee. You can also allow your mentee to set expectations and create boundaries as needed so you can have the best working relationship.

Brainstorm for Success

Mentors can act as a sounding board for mentees, providing a voice of reason or acting as a cheerleader for a new idea. Make sure your mentee feels comfortable enough to come to you with any idea, whether it seems practical or not.

Share Your Story

There’s nothing more motivational than hearing from someone who has walked a similar path. Share your story with your mentee to offer inspiration and motivation.

Give Constructive Criticism

Mentors give feedback to mentees on their work and professional growth. Be honest yet kind, providing them with actionable feedback that they can use to grow and thrive at your organization.

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