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How to Succeed at a New Job


You’ve landed your dream job: Congratulations! Next, you’ll probably have some first-day jitters followed by a period of acclimation. We have some tips to help you get adjusted in the first weeks after you start. Check out our list of ways to succeed at a new job.

Introduce Yourself

You’ll undoubtedly meet a variety of people after you start a new job, whether it’s in person or virtually. Make sure you give a quick, energetic introduction. If the thought of doing this makes you nervous, mentally rehearse the introductions ahead of time. Visualizing the process can help things go more smoothly. Also, do your best to remember names as you’re making introductions. A trick for doing this is saying the person’s name back to them after they give it to you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

The more questions you ask during your first weeks, the better. Don’t be afraid to ask leaders and colleagues for more information about the company. Plan questions ahead of time and prioritize the information you need. For example, if you haven’t gotten an access badge or tech tools, flag those as issues to get help with immediately.

Learn the Space

Locate important areas of the building including parking lots, restrooms, kitchens, staircases, and meeting rooms. If you haven’t been offered a tour by a colleague, consider asking for one. Find out where you can eat lunch and take breaks.

Find a Friend

You may not find your best friend or develop a deep relationship with anyone your first week of work, but it helps to find people you can relate to. Ask a new colleague to lunch or coffee. Participate in social activities such as team lunches or volunteer campaigns. Developing trust with coworkers will help you feel more comfortable as you get to know your new workplace.

Take Initiative

Come to work a little early or stay a little late. Ask colleagues and your boss for feedback to show initiative. Show them you’re willing to do whatever it takes to succeed in your new role.

Have a Good Attitude

A positive attitude will go a long way in helping you succeed in a new job. Respect your boss, colleagues, clients, and staff. Make sure you’re professional and polite when interacting with other people in your workplace.

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