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Mentoring Dos and Don'ts | IPM Day 2013

International Project Management Day is a free online conference running through December 7th. PMPs can earn up to 12 PDUs by viewing free presentations.

Every professional’s career should include at least 1 really good mentoring experience. The positive effect on both your career and personal development can be impactful.

But, What Makes a Good Mentor/Mentee Relationship?

These relationships need to set ground rules that include – goal setting, specific meeting time/duration, action items and development “homework” and should be structure to meet that specific need. For instance, is the mentor needed to assist with a training deficit, new hire/novice, entering a new field, etc. There should also be an understanding that mentoring can ebb and flow, the need may vary through the term of the relationship.

Additionally, mentoring is not a one way street. Mentors typically view these relationships as positively as the mentee. They are able to develop their strengths, exercise their management skills, and learn about themselves from the mentoring process. Mentors and mentees should be open to constructive feedback, ask questions, share personal experiences and give feedback. If these practices are utilized, the mentor and mentee mutually grow and typically maintain a professional relationship beyond the mentoring programs expectations.

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