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Tips and Tricks for Video Meetings and Interviews


During this time of social distancing and self quarantining, many of us have found ourselves working from home. For some, this will be the first time they will be relying heavily on video conferencing to communicate with their teams. For others, in-person interviews might be changed to video interviews. So what are the best practices and rules of engagement? We’ve got you covered.

Test Your Environment

While we think it goes without saying that you need to be cognizant of what’s behind (and don’t forget to factor in if you have to move the camera to either side). Think beyond just what the camera captures visually. What are the acoustics of the room?

Are you in a place where you won’t hear your roommates or pets during the call? Have you done a test call with a friend? Think through all these details during your test call and you’ll be ready for that interview or when your boss wants to have a spontaneous video call.

Get Dressed for Success

You’ve likely heard that the best way to maintain normalcy while working from home is to get dressed and ready like you were going to work. This is even more important when there’s the potential for a video call.

Don’t think, “oh I’ll just change my top, they won’t see my pants”. What happens if you have to get up to grab something from the other room. The same thought goes for avoiding those bunny slippers or flip flops in case you have to get up, better not to chance them showing or making noise as you walk.

Punctuality is Key

If you are calling into a preset meeting, you should plan to call in a couple of minutes early. This will allow you to ensure you’re camera and mic are functioning and that you have the call-in info correct.

If you’re expecting a call at a certain time, have a friend call you 15 minutes ahead of time to test everything. Lastly, try to answer those spontaneous calls as quickly as possible if you’re working from home right now. This might be one of the few face to face conversations you might have with your boss or your team.

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